Harness for really small hips?


Dear Sex Counselor,

I have a very small hip size (24")... its hard for me to find a strap-on harness that will work. I am looking for one that will fit me "perfectly". Do you have any that will fit me?

There are a few that could work:

  • The Pleasure Principle is a very adjustable harness that will go to the size you need, and offers the added benefit of a holder to hold a dildo internally, if you would like that. The back plate can be removed (which would eliminate the ability to wear a dildo internally, if you find it too bulky.
  • The Terra Firma synthetic harness is also very adjustable, and you can remove the back plate if you find it to be too bulky.
  • The Commando harness, with 2 extra holes, will go down to your hip size. It’s one of my favorites because it’s very stable, but it would need 2 extra holes punched (we can do that for you if you ask us to when you place the order - just write a note in the "special instructions" box on the order form).
  • The Simple Harness has a design similar to the Commando, except it adjusts with sliding buckles for a perfect fit. It is a good option for those who prefer synthetic materials instead of leather. 

The Sex Counselor