After 50 Shades of Grey...What do you Recommend?


There are a variety of possibilities to turn to from here, depending on whether you are most interested in the "erotic romance" genre--stories focusing on explicit erotic scenes in the context of a romantic story (or short stories)--or in the "BDSM erotica" genre, which focuses on a relationship featuring dominance & submission/sensation play themes within a romantic and/or erotic story context.

For erotic romance, I recommend the collections that we carry of short stories such as "Passion," or "Best Erotic Romance." If you want a collection of stories that spans romantic all the way through edgier play, then any of the Best Women's Erotica collections are good choices as well. 

For edgier fiction, we recommend "The Story of O" as a classic story of a woman's journey into complete submission, or the "Best Fetish Erotica" book for a wide range of kinky stories.

You may also enjoy "The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty" as another classic take on dominance and submission, or "L is for Leather," which features several very compelling stories of female submission.