Communicating about Sex

What is a step-parent's role in educating a partner's kids?

Published: Jan 15 2009
Dear Sex Counselor, As a step-parent, what responsibilities do I have to teach my teenage step-daughters about sex? I just married a woman with 11- and 13-year-old daughters. I have two sons, and know absolutely nothing about girls. The girls seem to be sexually active - their talk, dress and companions indicate that. Is that possible at this...

Defining virginity

Published: Jan 15 2009
Dear Sex Counselor, My girlfriend and I have decided to wait until we are married to have sexual intercourse. We are both virgins, and we are wondering if we were to have anal sex, would it affect her virginity in any way? Will I be considered to be "losing my virginity" also? The answer really depends on how you decide to define virginity....

Are my fantasies sick?

Published: Jan 15 2009
Dear Sex Counselor, I'm not certain if I'm asking a question, so much as asking for insight. I don't believe I was a victim of physical sexual abuse, but wonder if perhaps I've been a victim psychologically. I don't know how to find the source of this bothersome mind process, if there is a source, or if I should be concerned about it in the...