Communicating about Sex

Introducing my partner to bondage

Published: Jan 15 2009
Dear Sex Counselor, I have always liked to be tied up. I think its a real turn-on. I do not know how to broach this subject with my boyfriend. I would be embarrassed to tell him this. We have an extremely hot sexual relationship right now with very few inhibitions. Is there any way I can hint at this without saying it outright? I assure you...

Married and bisexual

Published: Jan 15 2009
Dear Sex Counselor, I'm bisexual and my husband doesn't know. I'm wondering how many are in the same situation? I love my husband dearly but feel like I need the love of a woman, too. I'm scared to do so, though, and wouldn't even know how or where to start. Any advice would be appreciated. From our experience in our store, and via...