Sexual Trauma

Can a person orgasm during rape?

Published: Aug 17 2007
Dear Dr. Myrtle, I have this friend who recently was coming home from cheerleader practice with a carload of girls. This guy’s girlfriend told him that at the last stop, this guy jumped into the back seat of the car where she was riding, and this guy raped her with his finger and she had an orgasm. Do people orgasm during rape? Is that...

Abuse survivor with high libido

Published: Oct 7 2008
Dear Sex Counselor, I have a question about sexual abuse. I am a female, age 22, and when I was about 11 I was sexually abused by my mother’s boyfriend. Now, at the age of 22, I think I’m a sex addict - but NOT the sleeping around type. I love porno movies and dirty magazines, and I masturbate a lot to women. I have not been with...