Can I use the internal condom if I've had a hysterectomy?



Dear Dr. Myrtle,

I'm interested in using the internal condom, but I have had a hysterectomy. I know the inner ring of the internal condom usually fits around the cervix during vaginal penetration, and that the inner ring can be taken out to adapt the internal condom for anal penetration.

Since I don't have a cervix for the inner ring to fit around, should I take that inner ring out? Is is still safe to use for vaginal penetration without the inner ring?

Yes, you can still use the internal condom for vaginal penetration if you don't have a cervix. In this situation, we recommend removing the inner ring, as you would if you were using it during anal penetration. Removing the inner ring does not decrease the effectiveness of the internal condom.

However, without the inner ring, you may have to be more careful to keep the condom in place during vaginal penetration so it doesn't slip. Either you or your partner can hold onto the outer ring, keeping it in place, and/or be extra careful to keep the pentration inside the condom, rather than to the side.