Why is A Woman's Touch different?


Dr. Myrtle,

Why does the sexuality information at A Woman’s Touch seem so different from information I’ve seen on other sites and in other places?

AWT = Sexual Health + Sexual Pleasure + Maintenance

Divergent from popular culture, AWT’s fundamental philosophy of human sexuality is one that combines three major approaches:

  • The first is that sexual health, or health of sexual systems, is of paramount importance for any individual. It is an individual’s choice how much, or whether, to be sexual. Our priority is that our customers learn techniques which will maintain their sexual selves and prevent unwanted consequences (such as infection transmission, or tissue damage) from uninformed sexual activity.
  • The second aspect is sexual pleasure as a priority. Regardless of other benefits that one may derive from sex (pregnancy, identification, etc.), we feel that pleasure should be the major focus. Why be sexual if you’re not enjoying it? At AWT, we also feel that pleasure can be a great motivator to help people maintain their sexual health, and can be utilized as a point of focus when people are recuperating from other life events that have adversely affected their sexual experiences.
  • Finally, integral to the above points is that a basic program of sexual maintenance is important for all individuals. Even when someone chooses not to be actively sexual, there may be a time in their future when they will make a different decision. At that time, if they had not engaged in some level of maintenance of their sexual self, they would face a much more difficult path of bringing their sexual systems back to capacity, than if they routinely maintained them during their celibacy. We advocate that everyone take concrete steps to be as sexually healthy as they can be, whether or not they’re currently engaging in sex. For some this means taking care of fragile skin tissues, while for others, this means regularly exercising their orgasmic capacity, or continued toning of their pelvic floor muscles.

Our goal is to teach this integrative perspective to our customers.

Take Care.

Dr. Myrtle