Nerves, Big Overview


If you're wondering how I think about nerve systems, this diagram might help. Notice the orange highlights, which represent important nitric-oxide-producing nerve systems. Nitric oxide gas can be used (in a basic sense) for pleasure and nurturance, or inflammation and pain. 
You see, the gas nitric oxide is important for sexual arousal and pleasure. But because the nitric oxide system originally developed as a defensive system to combat infection invasion, it is a system that has a very healthy side, and a very unhealthy side. The healthy side is all that body nuturance, coordinating nutrition, etc., along with sexual pleasure. The dark side is that if you live an unhealthy lifestyle, or have other reasons for high body inflammation, inflammation will rule the day, eventually preventing sexual arousal from occuring.
Nitric oxide gas will be used for pleasure or inflammation, and ultimately, you can't have both. The question is, how do you choose to live a life where nitric oxide is available for sexual pleasure?
Words to ponder,
Dr. Myrtle