About Us

A Woman’s Touch is a thriving woman-owned and operated sexuality boutique based in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. It is one of a small number of stores that focus on women’s perspectives on sex and sensuality in the Midwestern United States, and the only store that offers our unique combination of expertise in sexual health *and* pleasure.

Because we promote knowledge of sexual health, sexual education, and healthy pleasure we are asked a variety of questions almost daily (sometimes hourly), so be sure to check out Sexual Health & Science section and Sex Education & Relationships for the answer to common questions. We hope you enjoy your visit, and hope that if you like what you see, that you’ll let friends and family members know about us. If you would like to call and ask us a question you can talk to anyone here; everyone gets extensive training and we all have the knowledge to answer your questions or know how to find someone who can. You can call us at 888-621-8880 with your questions or if you need help choosing the product that will work best for you.

The Owner

Ellen Barnard

Ellen Barnard M.S.S.W., is an entrepreneur, long range planner and ASSECT certified Sex Educator. Ellen spent the first 15 years of her career supporting people with developmental disabilities, and helping them find a way to live in their (own) homes in their community. Her specialization was in finding ways to fill in the gaps so that un-met needs could be addressed.

She began this business this way:

“In 1995, while I was trying to decide what I wanted to do next in life, I realized that the Midwest didn’t have a comfortable place for women to celebrate and explore our sexuality. Upon telling my grandmother this, she replied ’…well, get working on it, because I can’t wait to tell my friends that my grandaughter runs a sex store!’ Although my grandmother died a week before A Woman’s Touch opened, she always believed in me, and was proud of what I was doing. So, this store is for grandma Ruth, and all the great, feisty women like her.”

Ellen is interested in cooperative business ventures (networking again, is she?), and increasing the total quantity of pleasure in the world. She enjoys spending her free time cooking, playing with her Newfoundland dogs, and community organizing to make her neighborhood a better place for everyone to live.